Principal Message

Message from Principal

  I am very pleased to underline KV AFS Naliyas presence on the World Wide Web(WWW).  KV Naliya which has been a "school with a difference and has left no stone unturned to excel in almost all fields.  Here we have combined the modern methods of teaching with the traditional values which can help in molding of an individual to a balanced personality. Our aim is to prepare students to take up the challenges of the harsh modern world and create successful lives for them selves.  With a view on this, we are giving equal importance to the academics, co-curricular activities and games and sports. We also try to inculcate the right values in the students. This will certainly help in developing students who are physically, mentally and spiritually sound.   We keep programs in which students participate and give expression to the intellectual, artistic and emotional, outpourings. It will be a solid foundation on which future endeavors in this field will be built on. This Vidyalaya has taught its students to withstand all adverse situations by readily embracing the changes and innovations that have swept across each and every aspect of life. We have always stood up and faced the challenges head on. As the Principal of this vidyalaya I feel that this honoured institute of learning will go a long way in fulfilling its obligations to the society. This school will always strive to create citizens who are useful to the home,
society & the nation, and to humanity as a whole.
    Our inner & outer life depends on the labour of million of people living or dead, therefore we must exert ourselves in  order that we have received and still receiving."