The member teachers of B S & G 2018-19 are as follow.



Members (Scout /Cub Master)


1) Mr. Sudhakar Gupta (TGT-Lib.)

2) Mr. Rajendra Singh  (PRT)


K V AFS Naliya has kept up the spirit of scouting and guiding and is working zealously towards the realization of the objectives of the movement. It has been training the promising youngsters of KV AFS Naliya to be prepared to serve and to strive for excellence in the field of scouting




The new team of Scouts & Guides members formed for the session 2018-19

Different activities were conducted as per activity plan:

1. Activity hour on every Wednesday.

2. CLEANLINESS PROGRAMMEon 26th january 2016 at AFS bus stand.

3. Participation in INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEANUP DAY at Jakhau on 2nd October with 8 guides and 16scouts.

4. Scouts are under training for Tritiya sopan testing camp at KV ONGC Mehsana.

5. Investigation ceremony was conducted in November.


We have a total of 60 scouts, 28 guides, 60 cubs and 30 bulbuls. A series of scout & guide activities are conducted. 06 scouts of vidyalaya were conferred the Tritiyasopan and 02 scouts have qualified for the Rajyapal Purskar this year.